From Where I'm Standing

Sarah Henley and Kate Robson-Stuart
Underbelly, Cowgate

From Where I'm Standing

Terrorism has been a hot topic for at least the last decade. It is therefore a compliment to :Delirium: that its take on the subject has a freshness and impetus that is all too rarely seen.

This is the first play to use handheld PDAs to convey images and it works. There seems little doubt that, by next year, everyone will be doing it.

The play moves across time, settling in three zones. In 1997, we see a bunch of teenagers about to leave school in Southampton. One pair also sneak away on election night to make a baby (though that wasn’t their intention).

The father is director / actor Oliver Kaderbhai’s Urdesh, who by 2013 has become a terrorist bomber, blowing up the British embassy in Mumbai.

Track forward to 2028, when Shamaya Blake as daughter Meg tries to resolve the mystery of her father’s actions and reach closure.

From Where I'm Standing is a nicely produced play that gets beneath the surface of an important issue and tries to link it to ordinary life, suggesting that this is a company to watch.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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