Happy Never After

Hannah Rodger
Festival Highlights
Pleasance Courtyard

Nick Blakeley and Alice White

Alice White and Nick Blakeley under the direction of Luke Sheppard appear determined to make us realise how ordinary their characters, Jen and Neil, are.

Their dullness is such that one wonders how they ever ended up in a play, although the uber-Brechtian props are at least amusing.

Happy Never After doesn’t aspire to get far beyond the sitcom level but becomes more intriguing when Jen discovers first that she might have cancer and latterly that, after getting the all-clear, there are still complications.

While Jen has depths, Neil is the epitome of imaginative nullity, though he is easily wounded and can provide surprises, if only through insensitivity.

Happy Never After is undemanding fare that peaks as poor Jen undergoes her crises.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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