Heads Up

Keiran Hurley

Keiran Hurley

Keiran Hurley doesn’t pull any punches in Heads Up, which is a cheery piece about the end of the world.

Using music to differentiate between characters and create effects, Hurley uses delivery more familiar from rap poets than actors as he relates four tales that must come to an inevitably apocalyptic ending.

Despite the theme tunes, in the early stages, it can be difficult to differentiate the four stories that gradually build to a vivid, microcosmic portrait of the world today.

Mercy is a trader who can make or lose millions or even billions at the push of a button. Ash is a schoolgirl who stupidly sexts and exposes herself in every sense of the verb. Leon is a coked-up rock star awaiting the birth of his child, while Abdullah works in a supermarket and is threatened with redundancy.

Hurley is a stunning performer and shares a post-apocalyptic message in words and music, aided by sinister lighting. Once one tunes in to the story, the remainder of the performance is powerful and thought-provoking.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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