I'm Not Pale, I'm Dead

Lydia Nicholson
Assembly Hall

I'm Not Pale, I'm Dead

It is hard to live up to a title as good as I'm Not Pale, I'm Dead, which is one of the most striking on the Fringe in 2014.

Lydia Nicholson has won awards in Australia for this solo performance about a ghost called Lydia.

For 45 minutes, she runs through any and every comedic variation on this morbid theme, involving the audience as much as they will permit.

The ostensible purpose of the presentation is to train us to die in the most appropriate fashion for an enjoyable mortality—the most significant advice from the ghost in the sequined party dress is to wear comfy clothes.

We also learn a little about what not-life is like and the frustrations of being able to watch people doing silly things while unable to influence them.

The performance features gentle humour and strives for pathos before Lydia, two years dead, fades away, presumably until the next performance.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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