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Idiots of Ants

Pleasance Courtyard

There is something rather old fashioned about comedy sketch quartet, Idiots of Ants.

The quick fire comedy that sees around 20 sketches flash by in an hour is reminiscent of TV shows of the seventies.

Some of the language may be a little nearer the knuckle and sex might be more prevalent than in The Two Ronnies or Morecambe and Wise but the quirky pleasures are similar.

With so much packed in, there will be plenty for everyone to enjoy and all will find the odd dud that fails to hit their personal funny bones.

The opening is worth queuing for 20 minutes in the rain outside the venue (why when there was plenty space inside?). This features a shared flat in which a new tenant discovers that as well as the sofa and the telly, there is a live audience.

For some reason, if this reviewer's experience is representative, around 10% of all shows in Edinburgh are at least in part about the audience. Few others will get as many laughs from the idea.

Other favourite sketches include a girl's eye view of Xbox 360, fire and gun sketches and liberal use of water.

If audience reaction is anything to go by, the dirtiest sketch, a graphic representation of a swingers' party, will be the hit of the Fringe.

This four-strong, male company has what it takes to land a big TV contract. Time will tell if they have the final ingredient for such success, good luck.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher