Jethro Compton's Frontier Trilogy: The Clock Strikes Noon

Jethro Compton
Jethro Compton
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The Clock Strikes Noon

The Clock Strikes Noon features a classic Western plot that benefits from the intimacy of Jethro Compton's wooden chapel.

This is the location where two gunslingers are holed up in the war between the forces of law and order and the America and Pacific Railroad Company, whose values, like any major corporation today, are driven by the dollar.

It transpires that the outlaws in the church are anything but, one treacherous Sheriff Jackson played by Jonathan Mathews, the other Sam Donnelly’s Ben Walker, a family man who doesn’t wish to cede the family home that he built to the train company.

In siege mode, they are visited by a pretty lady waving a flag of truce. She is Lily Davenport, Bebe Sanders as the daughter of the fearsome railroad owner but as tough a cookie as her father.

She enters into sly negotiations with the two men that eventually involve more double crossing and death than should be witnessed anywhere, especially in a church.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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