John Peel's Shed

John Osborne
Show + Tell / Escalator East to Edinburgh

Daniel Kitson is not in Edinburgh this year, or is he? Not only does John Osborne look just like Kitson, his laid back delivery and quirky material could easily come from that source as well.

In the nicest possible way, Osborne is an anorak. He is a radio geek who loves the medium so much that he listened to a different channel a day to get to know what was out there. He also presented a show on Norwich's community channel, Future FM.

For an hour, he tells a tale of passion - for radio and obscure bands - that is apparently off-the-cuff but might well be very carefully scripted.

The starting point for this journey was in 2002 when Osborne won a competition on John Peel's Radio 1 show and his prize was a pile of records from John Peel's Shed.

To describe the majority as obscure is understating it but, once he had bought a record player, our man was in seventh heaven.

For an hour, he talks about radio shows, repeats some of the better jokes and plays a few favourite tracks, the best of which was Going to Georgia from Atom and his Package, culminating in a homage to the late, great John Peel.

There might be a hidden purpose behind this Edinburgh creation, as Osborne has written a book about his love of radio - everything from Terry Wogan to Test Match Special and Virgin. Copies are available after the show.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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