Juana in a Million

Vicky Araico Casas
Pleasance Dome

Juana in a Million

Using a mixture of storytelling, dance and music (from versatile Adam Pleeth), Vicky Araico Casas tells a tale, parts of which seem all too likely.

Juana is a young Mexican who leaves her home country after her boyfriend is shot in a horrific night club feud.

She heads for London, assuming that the streets are paved with gold but, as we all know, life isn’t like that.

Without a work permit, she is obliged to share not only a bedroom with eight other illegally working immigrants but also a bed with an overweight, humourless, smelly Latin American.

Work is also hard to come by unless she is willing to “suck my dick” or kill herself for twelve hours a day without payment.

The only potential escape is into the arms of Roger, who has money to burn but is twice her age.

While it might be a little melodramatic, Juana in a Million is a salutary tale that presents neither Mexico nor the United Kingdom in a good light.

Vicky Araico Casas is a good performer and superb dancer who is using her performances to raise money for charities supporting real life Juanas.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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