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Jus' Like That

John Fisher
Assembly by agreement with Mark Groucher Ltd
Assembly Hall

Tommy Cooper died 27 years ago, so this homage is something of a history lesson, especially in Edinburgh where the average audience member was born in around 1987.

It comes as no surprise to see that the group at this show is typified by healthy retirees ready to laugh before the gags.

Under the direction of Patrick Ryecart, Clive Mantle gives a magnificent imitation of Cooper, complete with dreadful gags and magic tricks that reliably fail.

Before that, we get a brief offstage glimpse of a man who drank spirits from pint mugs and managed the ultimate stage trick of passing away during a televised performance.

The audience is ready-made and they will love a trip back towards the pleasures of their childhood or youth.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher