Just a Gigolo

Stephen Lowe
Assembly George Square

Anybody who has read Lady Chatterley’s Lover will recall that Mellors was famous for just one facet and that was not his wit as a raconteur or talent as an art critic.

Therefore, it will come as a surprise to meet the man on whom he was modelled in New Mexico long after the events trying to fulfil those dual roles.

By 1959, Angelo Ravagli had married Frieda Lawrence and eventually buried her. However, he is happy to sit in a Greek Taverna talking to the owner and, by extension, the audience about the great man.

Maurice Roëves remains seated for the whole hour, running over the Italian army captain’s experiences as manservant to the Lawrences.

As well as digging the garden, he dug the mistress, which is where his fame now lies.

In addition to relating the family history from his own viewpoint, Angelo uses eight paintings by Lawrence to spark recollections, providing amateurish criticism along the way.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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