Kafka and Son

Adapted by Mark Cassidy and Alon Nashman from Franz Kafka's Letter to His Father
Richard Jordan Productions / Theaturtle / Threshold
Assembly George Square

This is certainly an ambitious solo piece. Canadian actor/co-playwright Alon Nashman sets out to explore the life of Franz Kafka through the writer's relationship with his tyrannical father.

Nashman, who is a talented and very physical actor, makes life unpleasant for himself as he has created a setting that is based on a variety of claustrophobic cages, which carry their own symbolic significance.

According to this portrayal, old man Kafka had few redeeming features. He was constantly sarcastic, scoffing at his son and failing to appreciate writings that will outlive the pair of them by centuries.

This had a devastating effect on a sensitive young man, although one might argue that it was only thanks to his father's unkind contribution that Franz was able to write as he did.

This is a confident and impressive performance of a difficult and at times challenging text, which illuminates the life of a great man from a most unusual perspective.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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