Barely Methodical Troupe
Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows


Barely Methodical had a award-winning hit with Bromance in 2015 so it is really good to see them return this year with their new show Kin.

The six members of the company bring a unique blend of circus and acrobatic skills combined with a strong storyline in this spectacular performance.

They are all highly accomplished acrobats who bring individual impressive skills to this highly enjoyable show.

The five boys are in a competition to be chosen by the woman to be her partner; she can only choose one and the pressure is on to succeed.

They are identified by numbers on their grey tracksuits as they pose as Greek statues, but who will she pick as she challenges them to complete individual tasks?

There are some outstanding pieces of contemporary dance combined with highly accomplished, wondrous acrobatics that leave you in awe in this captivating show.

The sheer skill of the performers as they fly through the air to land on shoulders, hands, tumbling and creating almost impossible acrobatics is to marvel. Their athleticism is a truly impressive.

There is much humour as the winner of each task is awarded a banana and the rivalry between them is powerfully displayed.

You simply have to admire the skill of the impressive performance on the Cyr by Charlie Wheeller and the triple-height cloak-wearing Nikki Rummer is simply stunning.

The final high-energy seesaw sequence is amazing.

The whole company richly deserved the enthusiastic applause and standing ovation at the end.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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