William Shakespeare
Assembly Roxy

Mairi Phillips, Joseph Reay-Reid and Tibu Fortes

The initial premise may sound a little dull but, make no mistake, L.O.V.E. is totally intoxicating and exhausting, even for audience members.

A 75-minute long recitation of selected Shakespeare sonnets is the stuff that sleep is made on, but not when Volcano gets started.

This is an erotic and highly physical performance delivered by three talented performers, each of whom dances and moves as well as they speak their lines.

The trio give their all and risk injury, leaping about, bouncing off each other and sharing a sharp knife that not only rips clothes but threatens skin.

Under the direction of Paul Davies, following the original lead of Nigel Charnock, Tibu Fortes, Mairi Phillips and Joseph Reay-Reid throw themselves around with alacrity, somehow delivering sonnets meaningfully as they go.

This really is thrilling theatre and will provide an invigorating start to any Edinburgh day.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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