Laundry Boy

Philip Stokes
Horizon Arts with Richard Jordan Productions

Laundry Boy comes from the same stable as My Filthy Hunt and is of almost equal pedigree.

This time, Philip Stokes has written a comedy fantasia but still retains a hard core.

The play begins with Lee Bainbridge stripping to his Y-fronts - again, as Terry. He is just coupling with the vacuum cleaner in the launderette that he runs when an old friend, Mel, appears from the past and releases a stream of memories.

They centre on his alter ego, the Superhero Laundry Boy. He is flanked by a trio of wet-dream women, blue-haired manga hottie Hoover Girl (Hayley Shillito), Britney clone Perfect Girl (Kate Daley) and red plastic clad, porno-whipper, Beelzebubbles (Stephanie Sweeting).

They war over the lad before the arrival of his younger self (Aiden Ross) and some serious reflections about a deprived childhood with two problem parents.

Laundry Boy is superbly acted and entertains, though at 1¼ hours, it is a little longer than the material can really justify.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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