Tobias Wegner
Circle of Eleven
St George's West

This is going to take a bit of explaining. Leo is a mime act that operates at 90 degrees to reality. The character, played by creator Tobias Wegner, lives in a cell-like room in which the right-hand wall, as you look at it, is the floor etc.

The result is then projected onto a larger than life size screen the right way up, as it were.

Wegner, directed by Daniel Brière, is therefore obliged to defy gravity in order to go about his normal chores.

This seems like fun but it is hard to see how it can sustain for more than around 15 minutes without palling and, indeed, it does go on for just a little too long.

Next, our silent Everyman furnishes the room by using chalk sideways on a wall, the result looking rather like a Patrick Caulfield painting. That effect is compounded by some clever cartooning in which the livestock becomes animated.

Finally and rather incongruously, Wegner gives a brief display of dance and gymnastics that has little to do with anything that has gone before but nevertheless impresses.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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