Light Boxes

Shane Jones
Grid Iron

Light Boxes

Scottish company Grid Iron has long been a specialist in site-specific productions.

This year, it has created an idyllic space at Summerhall for an allegory that has the simplicity of a children’s fable.

Light Boxes has been adapted by director Finn den Hertog from a novel of the same name by Shane Jones.

With audience members placed in a traverse space, the designers have gone overboard to create a world in which flight is banned by the sinister February.

As a result, the room is littered with broken kites, the basket from a hot air balloon and similarly relevant detritus.

Here, four performers (including a musician) build up the sad tale of Thaddeus Lowe, played by Keith Macpherson who doubles as a violinist.

His daughter Bianca, Vicki Manderson, is distressed and eventually goes stir crazy with tragic consequences when everything airborne disappears. Melody Grove as wife Selah fares little better.

However, opposition promoted by The Solution begins to bear fruit and Thaddeus finds himself at its forefront of a revolution.

The overall result looks and sounds great but struggles to cover for what feels like a pretty thin story.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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