Lloyd Langford : One Day in the Life of Lloyd Owen Langford

Assembly Rooms

Lloyd Owen Langford is apparently Rhod Gilbert’s lodger and some of the Welsh comic magic of the more established star has clearly rubbed off on his talented protégé.

This set doesn’t sound all that promising when described baldly. Langford sets out to spend an hour telling us how he bought a loaf of bread and duly delivers. In fact, he takes up over half of his allotted slot without even emerging from home in Ealing, wittily mapped on the wall behind his mike.

This comedian is a very ordinary bloke, quietly spoken and gentle with a wicked grin, which isn’t the standard model for a stand-up. What Lloyd Langford has to offer is a good script, combined with a strong sense of humour and that good nature that wins people over.

Topics for conversation range amongst others between bread, faces, dog excretia and camels. Each of these is examined in considerable detail and a mark of Langford’s success is the number of audience members who were literally doubled up with laughter for a fair proportion of his hour in the limelight.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher