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Lounge Room Confabulators

Stuart Bowden and Wil Greenway
Sarah's House close to Peckham

Underbelly's first Edinburgh show started with a sneak preview in South East London. Lounge Room Confabulators is determinedly site unspecific with performances taking place in people's homes.

This gives the show a quaint familiarity, which complements the style of presentation by a couple of laid-back, almost identical, bearded Australians, Anderson and Finn.

The pair are primarily story tellers, who illuminate their tiny tales with songs and the kind of low-tech props usually seen in a child's playbox.

For 45 minutes, they reel off a stream of loosely connected stories that are gently humorous with tinges of the risqué and gruesome.

To the extent that there are themes, the evening features the adventures of twins called Anderson and Finn and the sad story of a woman whose husband is suffering from a terminal illness. She becomes dedicated to his salvation, following the kind of instructions usually reserved for disciples of Shakespeare's Wyrd Sisters and their ilk.

Lounge Room Confabulators is a nicely delivered festival performance that will appeal due to the novelty of its location in punters' living rooms and the understated charm of the presenters.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher