Making News

Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky
Pleasance Courtyard

Phill Jupitus Credit: Idil Sukan

Sometimes, critics have to recognise the tastes of the public.

Making News comes over as akin to a lightweight pilot for a TV sitcom that uses hackneyed old jokes and an incredible deus ex machina, but is selling out and driving audiences to levels of delirium that are hard to credit.

The cast largely comprises comedians at a lunchtime loose end and the acting is at best limited.

The plot features the BBC newsroom on the day after its head has been forced to resign.

Replacing him is Suki Webster’s Rachel, a woman so ill-suited to the job that she wouldn’t have had a second look in real life.

Everyone else is equally designed for laughter rather than verisimilitude right up to the DG played by Phill Jupitus, who happens to be using BBC funds to support a religious sect with otherworldly connections.

The discerning might struggle but everyone else is likely to have a whale of a time.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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