Mary Go Nowhere

Julie Shavers
Black Rocking Chair Productions
Assembly George Square Studios

Mary Go Nowhere

Mary Clark, played by the writer Julie Shavers, lives in LA with Dan O’Brien as her husband and a 3-year-old son. It sounds idyllic but life takes every chance to get at her.

Mary’s experiences are certainly odd and border on the surreal since junior has the vocal skills and dirty mind of a teenager while her friends are all jealous, unkind people.

Fringe favourite Mike McShane is next door neighbour Frank, a lunatic who adopts a black teen for nefarious reasons, while a mysterious Inspector is mysteriously inspecting poor Mary for buying sticking plasters.

Halloween causes the kind of problems that even a self-respecting horror movie would struggle to countenance, bringing proceedings to an ending reminiscent of Hamlet.

Mary Go Nowhere is built from a series of short comic sketches that frequently do not hang together. As such, it can feel more like an improv performance or kooky sitcom than a coherent stage play.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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