May I Have the Pleasure…?

Adrian Howells
The Arches
Traverse @ The Point Hotel

Even for Edinburgh, Adrian Howells is self-indulgent in this homage to wedding receptions.

Though he has never married or entered into a civil partnership, Howells is well qualified to comment, having attended 60 weddings including eight as Best Man (or equivalent).

For around 1½ hours, he runs through everything that he can think of on the topic. That includes embarrassing speeches with videos of several of his own, at least one of which irreparably and permanently damaged his relationships with both bride and groom.

Visitors sit at traditional tables to watch the fun, some get to dance with their host and at the end, champagne flows and cake is provided.

What makes this show interesting to those who may not really want to sit through yet another wedding when there isn't even a happy couple is the light that it shines on Howells himself.

Slotted between reminiscences of wedding after wedding, our guide reveals much about his own determinedly single, gay life including two bouts of depression.

The good news is that Adrian Howells seems happy and eager to get to the church on time as soon as the next opportunity arises.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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