Maz and Bricks

Eva O'Connor

Maz and Bricks

The Fishamble imprimatur is usually a good sign of quality. That is certainly the case with this 80-minute tragicomedy set in Dublin and deftly directed by Jim Culleton.

On first meeting, Maz and Bricks have absolutely nothing in common.

The lady portrayed by playwright Eva O'Connor has come into town to march for the legalisation of abortion.

Her unwelcome train companion played by Ciaran O'Brien is a bit of a lad to say the least, boasting loudly to the carriage about last night's random shag.

Appearances can be deceptive in a play that contains a good measure of verse, both blank and rhyming.

Bricks may be in need of some education, but he loves his 4-year-old daughter Yaz to distraction, though not her unforgiving mother. He is also still struggling to come to terms with the loss of a much-loved brother exactly one year previously.

Maz hasn't spoken to her own mother for three years, though with more reason, following abuse from the latter's partner and an abortion, hence the anger and desire to protest.

These ingredients are boiled up into a heart-breaking mix that is often funny but always thought-provoking, having a claim to be one of the best plays in the city this year.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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