Euripides, in a version by Stella Duffy
Fraser Cannon Productions and Critical Mass
Assembly George Square

Something has gone badly wrong with this version of Euripides play about a vengeful woman, played by Nadira Janikova.

After learning that her husband is to marry a newer, richer model, Medea wreaks the kind of terrible revenge that can only happen in mythology.

The acting leaves much to be desired and it can be difficult to understand what several of the performers are saying, either due to thick accents or problems with vocal projection.

Economies do not help, as Richard Fry plays not only a rather ignoble and unheroic Jason but also his future father-in-law Creon and Aegeus - i.e. all of the male parts. Worse, in the first two, he is indistinguishable.

The movement also all too often looks learned and unnatural, though song and dance seem to come more easily to this cast than straight acting..

The powerful story with Stella Duffy's modernised language does its best to overcome these problems but only does so to a degree.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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