Mr Kolpert

David Gieselmann, translated by David Tushingham
The New Symposium Productions
C Soco

New Symposium Productions and their director Will Maynard ensure that this production of David Gieselmann's black comedy is extremely funny.

It helps that the young cast are talented, with Francesca Wilding as Edith making the biggest impression.

The trick with this play is making nonsense seem logical and believable. It starts with an opposition of types between chaos theorist Ralf (Oliver Lavery) and dull but manic architect Bastian (Timothy Allsop).

They are at each other's throats over a joke started by Ralf's partner Sarah (Roseanna Frascona), who suggests that she has murdered the accountant from the workplace that she shares with Edith.

What develops includes a blazing row, a food fight and some bloody comedy involving the quartet, Mr K and a pizza delivery man. What was lacking was the requisite flood of stage blood, replaced by what looked like a meagre portion of strawberry jam.

The cast bring much humour and intelligence to a bizarre play and deserve to fill the small theatre throughout the Fringe.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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