My Name is Saoirse

Eva O'Connor
Sunday's Child
Assembly Hall

My Name is Saoirse

Sewing away at a patchwork quilt, playwright Eva O'Connor gives a nicely-judged performance as the titular Saoirse in her simple coming-of-age drama set on the outskirts of Limerick in 1987.

Starting with a birth that cost the life of her mother, Saoirse tells of life with elder brother Brendan, a hurling prodigy, and strict father.

Nothing too exceptional happens but days and nights are enlivened by the presence of her flame-haired, larger-than-life best friend Siobhan.

Identified early by teachers as a bad influence, this child of a large, boisterous family effortlessly fits the accusation.

She it is who introduces our guide to drink, boys and mischief, bringing the hour-long tale to what might literally have been a disgraceful ending but feels more like the start of another story, perhaps one to be related in subsequent plays?

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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