Nina Conti: In Your Face

Nina Conti
Pleasance Courtyard

Nina Conti

Nina Conti has progressed to Pleasance Grand, one of the largest venues in Edinburgh, and fully deserves the accolade.

Nowadays, she (and her puppets) use microphones and are projected on to a large screen, which allows viewers to watch her (still) lips throughout an extremely funny demonstration of ventriloquism.

This may be the same set as last year but seems considerably slicker, though it will vary from night to night, as so much relies on Nina’s “guests”.

The fixed element utilises her old standard Monkey, a firm favourite and a superstar in his own right, as half of a marvellous double act.

The variable element requires audience members who are brave/stupid enough to shout out ideas. Without fail, they are invited on stage, togged out with a silly jaw-mask and have their minds taken over by Nina Conti.

From a single guest, the act moves to a pair together and concludes with no fewer than four in heated conversation.

This is a wonderful feat and, when it comes off, one of the best comedy acts on the Fringe.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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