Of Sound Mind

Ronnie Dorsey
Ronnie Dorsey Productions and Scamp Theatre

Of Sound Mind has something of the character of one of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads monologues.

A woman in her fifties, played by Yvonne O'Grady, begins to talk about her life from a comfortable chair centre stage.

This seems the epitome of middle class normality but, slowly, revelations slip out. Though coming from a respectable family, she has been the victim of sexual abuse from pretty much every man that she has ever met, including her father, priest and psychiatrist amongst others.

It would be unfair to reveal where this leads but the consequences are novel, richly entertaining and expertly delivered under the direction of Mark Leipacher.

At one hour, the play feels overly long but had it been cut a little and the plot simplified, Ronnie Dorsey could be very proud of creating a memorable character and giving her a fascinating story.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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