Ovid's Metamorphoses

Pants on Fire
Pleasance Dome

Pants on Fire's charming modern vision of the Greek myths has deservedly won a number of awards in earlier years.

A company of seven performs as a perfect ensemble thanks to their own hard work and the efforts of director Peter Bramley and designer Samuel Wyer, reworking Ovid from the perspective of Britain during the War years.

The actors also provide the music and sing, employing every means possible to entertain, including storytelling, acting, dance, music and movement, not to mention some sweet puppetry.

The whole is varied and intoxicating as well as educational to a degree. The only minor negative comment is that this lovely company sometimes neglects the stories a little in their admirable attempts to create yet another delightful artistic memory.

This show comes highly recommended, as much for the ridiculously high production values and universally excellent performances as the underlying script, which derives a great deal of wit from myths that are often ostensibly tragic.

Pants on Fire is clearly a company to watch and while Ovid's Metamorphoses could run for years, their follow-up is now eagerly awaited by a large host of devotees.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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