Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.

Alice Birch
Royal Shakespeare Company
Traverse Theatre

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.

This piece started life at the RSC and is now beginning to tour, having played in New York before Edinburgh and then London.

The underlying messages are feminist and can be extreme. They are also difficult to interpret, as the text is broken and deliberately obscure.

In short scenes, all loosely connected to revolutions of some sort, the female perspective always gets precedence.

In this world, it doesn’t pay for a man to propose marriage. Indeed, when Robert Boulter’s character does so, he is lucky to escape alive. Seduction is also a scary new game, while protest can be extreme too.

The actors commit fully, with Emma Fielding catching the eye when given a striking monologue, while Emmanuella Cole and Beth Park also make their marks.

The lack of continuity and randomness of the scenes make this hard watching, even if some of the underlying messages are worthy.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher