Scary Gorgeous

Abbi Greenland and Helen Goalen
Bedlam Theatre

Scary Gorgeous features some great rock music presented live on stage and stunning choreography delivered with energetic eroticism by the co-writers.

Where it does not quite make the grade is in the dramaturgy, with a tale of rock chicks that covers some inadequacies with soft porn tendencies.

Allowing for this, young audiences will love what is already proving to be a hot ticket.

Helen is a manipulative 21-year-old who is setting up a band (literally played by Not Now Bernard, a talented 3-piece with bad hairstyles).

She enlists her pretty and rather more talented pal Abbi as a backing singer but, given Miss Greenland's powerful, throaty voice, that was never going to last.

The pair then get entangled in sex games and exhibitionist marketing, as well as suffering from artistic differences regarding the future of the band.

In parallel, we learn of the sex lives of a couple of ordinary teenagers, Aiden (sympathetically played by Miss Greenland) and Sarah, who eventually intersect with the wannabe rock stars.

It may not work that well theatrically but Scary Gorgeous is a gas.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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