Katherine Parkinson
Gilded Balloon Teviot

Sitting by Katherine Parkinson

Katherine Parkinson has joined Frank Skinner in the BBC's project to convert popular favourites into playwrights.

To date, this project might lead one to a conclusion of case not proven, to use a Scottish term.

Miss Parkinson has a better feel than Frank Skinner for what will work in a theatre but Sitting still feels like a work in progress rather than the finished article.

It primarily consists of three interlocking monologues delivered to an artist by a seemingly random selection of his sitters.

Hayley Jayne Standing is Mary, a middle-aged art lover who has clearly fallen in love with the painter.

James Alexandrou plays a young man who mistakenly thinks that he is working as a life model, before sharing some of his personal problems with the older man while posing.

Finally, Grace Hogg-Robinson takes the role of Cassandra, a young woman riddled with insecurities and an addiction to Jaffa Cakes.

In Sarah Bedi's production, the seemingly diffuse strands are finally brought together but almost reluctantly, while too many of the jokes pass their audience by.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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