Adam Paolozza and Ravi Jain
Why Not Theatre / TheatreRUN / Theatre Smith-Gilmour
Pleasance Dome

You will know within seconds whether this kind of thing appeals or repulses. If it is the latter, you are strongly advised, like a significant number of people at the performance under review, to cut your losses and save an hour of life.

Spent uses well-performed mime and clichéd, distinctly un-PC stereotyping to try and get laughs about the recent financial crisis. The material sees Germans like Hitler, Japanese as grinning and finds suiciding financiers a source of comedy.

An issue is that once this duo decides that a sketch is funny, they repeat it, sometimes more than once.

Some audience members were in raptures but more failed to get the humour.

One question - why was this comedy double act listed under theatre? We may never know.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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