Anja Hilling, in a new version by Sarah Colvin
Traverse 3

This year, as part of its make-over, the Traverse has a third, studio space. It seems that this area will be used to experiment and put on small-scale pieces. Stars is a German play about four University age people, in this version Scots.

The writer and actors are all pretty fresh out of drama school and that adds something to Kate Nelson's production.

Four youngsters spend an evening at a pond, overlooked by a wiry tree in Lucinda Meredith's impressionistic set. There, while considering the real ones and inventing poetic lines, three of them take "wee stars", for their hallucinogenic properties.

Suzanne, played by Elaine Catrina Gracie, then climbs and fatally falls from the tree. This sets up an hour of navel gazing and considering the meaning of life and love for the other three. Each is devastated and finds their life changed irretrievably by the loss of their friend.

Jenna and Calum (Lorna Craig and Jordan McCurrach) find their relationship breaking down despite her pregnancy. In steps Suzanne's boyfriend, Gary Lamont's Christie, and takes Jenna to bed, adding to the collective confusion that all three already feel.

The play develops from there and eventually offers the trio (and by inference even dead Suzanne) closure.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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