Tam O’Shanter

Gerry Mulgrew, after Robert Burns
Assembly Hall

Unless you are good with a Scottish brogue, much of what goes on in this delightful production may be a wee bit tricky to understand. However, such is the joyous enthusiasm and what the Irish call craic that meaning becomes unimportant.

Tam O’Shanter is a poem by Robert Burns, which Gerry Mulgrew has used as a starting point to celebrate all that is Scottish and folky.

The story broadly follows a lazy drunk, played by Sandy Nelson as he ploughs hazily through life alongside his shrewish wife, Joyce Falconer as Kate.

Various shocks occur including the stormiest of nights before a fiery meeting with visitors from the Underworld.

That brief summation misses out the main attractions of this Communicado creation. A superb ensemble pull out every trick in the book, including music, song, dance, computer imagery, physical theatre, puppetry, shadow play and more in their efforts to entertain and the result is truly intoxicating.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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