The Believers are but Brothers

Javaad Alipoor
Northern Stage
Northern Stage at Summerhall

The Believers are but Brothers

The Believers are but Brothers may be the first play to require audience members to utilise WhatsApp. That may sound like (and is) a gimmick but it matters, since those who do not have it on their phones will miss out on part of the presentation.

This centres on writer Javaad Alipoor, an associate and a couple of computers. Alipoor uses the technology to create hypothetical situations involving three young men, all extremists.

Two are British Asians. Each is just an ordinary young bloke until the dark Internet sucks them into IS and holy war.

The third is based in the States and feeds off the others and their activities to promote his own political ideals.

While one learns a little about the ways in which fanatics are created, this is primarily an exercise in computer wizardry and agitprop that retails familiar information in a hip fashion.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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