The Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Menu 2

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The Big Bite-Size Breakfast

What a Damn Fine Morning it is by Trace Crawford

Two toffs in smoking jackets indulge in absurd one-upmanship that can’t compete with Monty Python's definitive take on similar material.

Lunchbreak Manifesto by Kevin Jones

Tegen Hitchens plays a thrill-seeker looking for unique lunchbreaks regardless of the strictures of society as demonstrated by an old schoolfriend.

Big Game by Lisa Holdsworth

The morning takes off with a vengeance in a superb comedy. Annie Jackson plays the victim of a rugger club’s womanising competition.

Her guest, played by Steve Chusak, has finished their one night stand by posting naked photos of her on Facebook.

The repercussions are both very funny and more surprisingly, touching and thoughtful.

Raghead by Tom Coash

Raghead confounds expectations in refreshing fashion. Tegen Hitchens plays a woman who arrives in a Muslim veil for a date with a macho New York fire fighter.

The play sensitively explores how a small piece of cloth can change perceptions and lives.

Tragic Hero by Joel Jones

Fans of the bizarre will enjoy the tale of a modern wife two-timing her dull husband with Chusak‘s wild, fifteenth century Scottish warlord/poet.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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