The Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Menu 3

Patricia Gabridge, Cerise de Gelder, Simon Birkbeck, Arthur M Jolly, Christopher Lockheardt and Alex Broun
Pleasance Dome

The cast

Quack by Patricia Gabridge

This is an unexpectedly poignant gem. It features Katrina Holloway as a duck and Owen Bleach her protector.

The love that burgeons is special until the day when he feels the need to educate her about their differences.

Blabbermouth by Cerise de Gelder

Cerise de Gelder has written a clever little piece about a crime of passion, delivered entirely in one-word sentences swapped between three actors.

Somehow, there is humour and mystery in a tale that has no long, i.e. two-word, speeches until a shocking finale.

The Sweet Smell of Lemon by Simon Birkbeck

Miss Holloway plays a terrifyingly pushy sales executive educating the less formidable Cassandra Hodges in the nature of the business.

Four Senses of Love by Arthur M Jolly

Four Senses of Love is a whimsical love story focussing on an affair between two limited folk.

One played by Owen Bleach cannot feel (literally) while the other, Annie Harris, can neither smell nor taste. Fun ensues.

Your Kiss is on My List by Christopher Lockheardt

Every man’s dream is for an attractive woman at a bus stop to offer a kiss.

For Javier Rasero, this is a mixed blessing, as he discovers the lady’s scientific way of evaluating the outcome.

Cate Blanchett wants to be my Friend on Facebook by Alex Broun

Bleach is the lucky construction worker who receives the invitation in the title during this light comedy.

The writer does make some oblique comments about the quirky and sometimes random nature of fame.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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