The Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Show Menu 2

Nina Mansfield, Christina Costigan, Bridgette Burton, Don Nigro, David Bulmer
Pleasance Dome

Bite-sized Plays

Menu 2 is the best of the breakfast compilations in 2016.

Clown Therapy by Nina Mansfield

Clown Therapy is extremely funny, It features Annie Harris as a marriage councillor trying to help Claira Watson-Parr with the kind of issues that only affect you if your husband, played by Javier Rasero, is a clown.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is a clown of the red nose, blue-haired variety complete with squeaking oversized shoes.

What makes the piece so funny is the counter-intuitive anarchy of a work that avoids obvious gags for the more subtle.

Double Dana by Christina Costigan

This playlet gives two for the price of one. It features Annie Harris and Owen Breach depicting the start of a great affair, while Emma Wingrove and Dan Greet simultaneously show its dying throes. Christina Costigan cleverly brings out some thought-provoking parallels in the two scenarios.

Favour for the Boss by Bridgette Burton

Billy Knowelden plays a Mafiosi number two and Claira Watson-Parr his convincing moll.

They convey the perfect gangster atmosphere before getting some great laughs when Boris explains and the couple debate the Godfather’s unorthodox request.

Husbandry by Don Nigro

The weakest offering sees two octogenarian hicks discussing their newest livestock.

Suspicious Minds by David Bulmer

Emma Wingrove is the wife of a bear mauling victim getting little comfort from a pair of insensitive coppers, Javier Rasero and Owen Breach.

What they do achieve is a vast number of bear gags, before a double twist in the tail.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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