The Big Bite Size Breakfast - Programme 1

Michael Kalendarian, Rachel Welch, Samantha Hersch, Estep Nagy, Chris Widney
White Room Theatre
Pleasance Dome

The Rehearsal by Michael Kalendarian

The opening of this programme features Sean Williams playing a cocky man trying to win back the girl who has ditched him and Lisa Beresford as the woman who has had a lucky escape and knows it.

Keeping Annabelle by Rachel Welch

This is probably the pick of Programme 1, though its starting point is the same as Gregory Burke's Gagarin Way and quite possibly several other works.

Keeping Annabelle is a play using an accidental kidnapping, during which Alice Robinson's victim with attitude really turns the tables on her geeky kidnapper (Andy Hutchison) with hilarious consequences.

Stolen by Samantha Hersch

In Stolen, Lisa Beresford delivers a lightweight monologue about a Catholic schoolgirl addicted to a little harmless shoplifting, who eventually goes a step too far.

Taste of Heaven by Estep Nagy

In a stand-out performance, Sean Williams takes the role of an American commando in Afghanistan ten years ago.

In only around quarter of an hour, talented writer Estep Nagy conjures up a gritty, witty drama of covert operations and the efforts required by the secret invaders to impress their revolutionary hosts.

Match Point by Chris Widney

This excellent little comedy is set in an early round at Wimbledon as a 32-year-old American has-been played by Lisa Beresford takes on Alice Robinson as the newest Russian "pixie" 17 years her junior.

The whole of the drama plays out during a single, extended match point, leading to interesting consequences, not only for the loser but, in their dreams at least, the washed up umpire and horny ball boy.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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