The Big Bite Size Breakfast - Programme 2

Andrew O'Keefe, Lucy Kaufman, Peter Holland, Scott McAteer, Matt Cassarino
White Room Theatre
Pleasance Dome

Uncomfortable Silences by Andrew O'Keefe

The amusing but poignant opener for this sequence sees a nervous man in his mid-30s worrying about how to tell his best friend that he loves her and has since schooldays.

Andrew O'Keefe successfully manages to mix wit and pathos, greatly helped by the acting of Andy Hutchison.

Vintage by Lucy Kaufman

Vintage is a gem. It features a married couple played by Alice Robinson and Sean Williams, who have an odd fad.

After going to a 40s party, they regress to that period and live their lives like one of those back-in-time TV shows but with much greater authenticity. After she has an affair with a "GI", the fun really starts.

All Hail by Peter Holland

It is not much fun to play the Porter in The Scottish Play, especially when you have a pushy wife.

Things get out of hand when she pushes you to kill a Macbeth called Duncan and the consequences are inevitable but still most amusing.

Transactions by Scott McAteer

In this light comedy, an impossibly nervous Welshman, Sean Williams, seeks the services of a patient prostitute, Alice Robinson.

Rather than sex, he is after something much more mundane.

The Key to the Music Halls of Time by Matt Cassarino

The final play is a comedy set in the netherworld of roleplaying games and avatars.

The two male actors play men who are dangerously addicted, desperate to find the Key. The wife of one is not amused, the flatmate of the other is a brick.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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