The Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Menu 3 "Interpretations"

Jonathan Kaufman, Michael Kalenderian, Scott McAteer, Pete Malicki, Jacqui Baines and Alison Richardson
Pleasance Dome

The Big Bite-Sized Breakfast

This programme entitled Interpretations and including a couple of plays from previous years may not be the best Bite-Sized sequence but is still well worth a visit.

The Interpreter by Jonathan Kaufman

The opening play is most amusing and features Bill Knowelden as the highly decorated army officer representative of a Banana Republic.

His attempts to communicate with the US ambassador, David Tremaine are derailed by a mixture of culture clash and a wonky interpreter played by Louise Fairbrother.

The Rehearsal by Michael Kalenderian

Tremaine plays Jason who has recently been ditched.

While he talks a good game to the salt cellar and might well persuade it to resume their relationship, when it comes to Tegen Hitchens as his ex, the words do not flow so freely.

Transactions by Scott McAteer

This rerun stars Knowelden as a shy man and Annie Jackson in the role of an anti-prostitute.

Her role is not to have sex but rather to play the dull wifey of 15 years’ standing.

The quirky concept pays off in an enjoyable sliver of life.

VD by Pete Malicki

Becky Norris expertly delivers a solo as a lonely spinster with low self-esteem and a genuine fear of men and relationships.

Her Valentine’s Day experience is enlivened by the arrival of a not very tall dark stranger with a secret.

Waiting for Hashim by Jacqui Baines and Alison Richardson

The final offering is pretty slight, visiting a pair of NGO aid workers played by Mesdames Hitchens and Fairbrother who suffer from a bad dose of one-upmanship until finally brought to their senses.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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