The Capone Trilogy – Loki

Jamie Wilkes
Jethro Compton Productions
C Nova

Suzie Preece

Loki, the opening play in The Capone Trilogy suggests that director Jethro Compton has worked hard to ensure that the styles across the set could not be more varied.

This is an anarchic screwball comedy, once again set in 1920s Chicago.

Its protagonist is torch song chanteuse Lola Keen, a gangster’s moll in the making deliciously played by Suzie Preece, who also sings seductively and oozes sex.

On the eve of her wedding to geeky a accountant, David Calvitto playing his namesake, she enters into a bourbon-fuelled nightmare that takes some beating.

Visitors include a zany vaudeville double act, cops, parents, a bellboy and, best of all, a mustachioed Italian-American gangster, portrayed by Oliver Tilney.

This is all great fun and is selling so fast that tickets might well only be available from the kinds of folk peopling the play.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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