The House

Brian Parks
Americana Absurdum Productions
Assembly George Square Studios

The House

American playwright Brian Parks is a Fringe favourite who writes a unique brand of fast-paced, anarchically subversive humour with a surreal twist.

While The House is a less overtly political work than much of his oeuvre, it can be regarded as making some acerbic comments on the state of the US nation today.

The set-up is deceptively simple. An older dentist and his wife played by David Calvitto and Pauline Goldsmith have decided to downsize and are selling their house to hand-picked members of the next generation.

Oliver Tilney and Alex Sunderhaus respectively play a financier and attorney who seem like perfect candidates to respect the house and its traditions.

Slowly, though, they begin to hint at minor adjustments—a little red paint and a kitchen extension. In doing so, they open the flood barriers to a torrent of wild comedy that is extremely funny but also says so much about the materialism that has become the prime motivating force for so many around the globe today.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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