The Initiate

Alexandra Wood
Paines Plough
Summerhall @ Roundabout

The Initiate

The Initiate takes on two really serious issues simultaneously. First, it tangentially looks at the plight of Somalian immigrants to the UK. It also attempts to show the impact that pirates off that country’s coast can have when they kidnap a British couple.

The early scenes introduce the family of immigrant minicab driver Dalmar, played by Andrew French. London is treating them well but his younger son is having problems at school, his fellow pupils identifying the teenager with pirates from his home country.

Inexplicably, Dalmar then decides (and manages) to raise over £1m and travel to Somalia in an effort to free the kidnapped Clarkes.

Once there, everyone is suspicious, his nephew, the leader of the renegades and even those that he is trying to save.

The confusion continues back home in a play that fails to address many of the most significant issues that this topic should raise.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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