The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy Part III: The Deliverance

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The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy Part III: The Deliverance

The final part of The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy lives up to the very high expectations engendered by its predecessors.

It takes place in a Catholic Church but also in the mind of our guide to small-town Canadian life.

She has retrenched there in an effort to find a priest to rush to her mother’s death bed and grant absolution. The old lady though wants to see nobody but her cruelly uninterested son.

The journey from there is backwards into an unhappy childhood, investigated and recalled in remarkable detail.

Mother’s choice of husbands was unfortunate. The first, our Woman’s father was a dissolute traveller who disappeared early and never returned.

Remy, his successor was a selfish control freak whose only interest was in his son, ignoring or bullying two neglected stepdaughters.

Once again, Maureen Beattie gives a marvellously moving performance as a wronged woman trying to do the right thing in what is undoubtedly one of the 2015 Fringe highlights.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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