The Oh Fuck Moment

Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe
St George's West

We have all been there, that embarrassing moment when you make a mistake that seems irretrievable. As Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe, the creators of this intimate tea party point out, in many cases there will be a way out - but not always.

This anti-theatrical experience takes place around an office table and starts out very lightly, as the pair and also randomly chosen audience members talk through their own Oh Fuck Moments.

These can be quite funny and throughout, the presenters show fine deadpan expressions as they talk through some quite unbelievable mistakes.

After the comedy element, exemplified by Hannah Jane's accidental insult of a horsey colleague, the chat turns considerably darker.

Actor Chris gets the horror stories, first on a personal level then looking at a pilot who screwed up and a man fatally trying out a deviant act with a hockey stick that left one visitor heading for the gents at speed.

The hour-long performance finishes with a couple of summarising poems penned by Hannah Jane Walker.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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