Traverse Breakfast Plays: The Day the Pope Emptied Croy by

Martin McCormick
Traverse 2

Traverse Breakfast Plays:

Martin McCormick has written a gem of a play that fits a vast amount into little more than half an hour.

It is set in 1982 on the day when Pope John Paul II visited Glasgow.

Taking advantage of the papal draw, two teen hoodlums, Scott Reid’s Bar and Daniel Campbell playing Ranald (or Ronald) visit the local church to steal the chalice and impress some local gangsters.

Bar is so far off his head with glue that the plans begin to fail before a semi-divine intervention in the person of Paul Tinto as Chris (sic) emerges bloodied from the cross in unorthodox clothing.

Under the sure direction of Emma Callander, the story develops themes that could as easily fit into a thriller or a study of the death of religion.

One hopes that the playwright will develop this highly entertaining comedy drama into a fully staged play.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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