Traverse Breakfast Plays: Blinded by the Light

Sylvia Dow
Traverse 2

Traverse Breakfast Plays:

Sylvia Dow has some interesting ideas that do not fully gel in a 50 minute running time.

First, we hear of The Dirty Dozen, miners from Kinneil Colliery in Bo’ness, West Lothian who rather than striking occupied the pit when it was threatened with closure.

Next, we get a little bit of history regarding some of them and in particular Andy Clark as 18 year old Gerry.

Incongruously, the final thread moves into the future for a troglodytic Sci-Fi story about a pair of teenagers. played by Emma Hartley-Miller and Scott Reid, forced to live underground awaiting the Upcoming when they will see the light for the first time in their lives.

By the end, two young idealists cross time and ethereally connect.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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