Traverse Breakfast Plays: Walter

Lachlan Philpott
Traverse 2

Traverse Breakfast Plays

Walter is a strikingly odd but intermittently funny play that centres on the stoic Meg Fraser as Gloria.

This misanthropist is a single, 40-year-old parking enforcement officer, if that is the latest buzz term for what most of us know as traffic wardens.

Using modern technology, her mum and sister Sheena fix her up with the blindest of dates at the zoo.

The unwitting Gloria resists Andy Clark’s kind, charming Walter for as long as is humanly possible but eventually succumbs.

The upshot is love, pregnancy and a trip to the wilds with Walter and two friends, leading to some unlikely revelations and an ending that currently feels tacked on to the remainder of the play without enough connection.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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