Traverse Breakfast Plays: (in search of) Tomorrow - CTRL Z

Linda McLean
Traverse Theatre

Traverse Breakfast Plays

The Scottish contribution to this season of short plays on the broad theme of “Tomorrow” is a cleverly constructed comedy.

With the aid of the National Theatre of Scotland’s Artistic Director Laurie Sansom, the stage for Linda McLean’s drama is effectively divided into three groupings.

Stage left is Christian Ortega’s Sam who lies spaced out in his hospital bed attended by Nurse Grace, Kirstin McLean.

Stage right is the car containing Sam’s worried family driven by Lorraine M McIntosh as Mum. As the play progresses, she gets increasingly cranky, not helped by the contributions of family members played by Jimmy Chisolm and Nicola Jo Cully.

Finally, upstage stands Ball-Zee, presenting a wide array of industrial sound effects without the aid of any artificial supports.

CTRL Z works because, like a string trio, all three sections operate in tandem to keep viewers on their toes and support a work where each plays off the others throughout.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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